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Activity management

Manage your shows, tours, residences, courses, assignments of spaces and any type of cultural activity in an agile and simple way, with all your information centralized in a single database.


  • It establishes different types of activities: shows, courses, residences, tours, space rentals, readings, laboratories, etc. 
  • Specific functionalities for certain types of activities (shows, tours, courses, residences and space rental)
  • Assign value labels to group according to specific topics (festivals, cycles,...), 
  • Filter activities by specific type, labels, seasons, years or dates

Shows and concerts

  • Create all the shows in your space or your company
  • Define authorship, genre, type of production, duration and language
  • Assign all participants of the show according to their category (authorship, direction, designers, technicians, etc.)
  • Assign the theater where it will be done through the theater file
  • Establishes the conditions of the box office, the percentage or box office, the expenses related to the box office and the copyright
  • Filter for shows, labels, theatres, genres, types of production, seasons, years and specific dates
  • Integrate it with your sales system and download your tickets if you are the promoter or report your box office details if you go to another theater


  • Create a tour and control its status (pre-booking, booking, confirmed, etc.)
  • Assign the theater where it will be done through the theater file
  • Set box or box office conditions for each function
  • Informs of the possible support of the administrations (, stalls, etc.)
  • Assign all tour participants according to their category
  • Generate tour roadmap
  • Generate a budget per event or for the whole tour
  • Filter by location, show, budget, season, year and specific dates
  • Automate the billing of the tour to the city council and the administrations

Courses and Workshops

  • Create a course and define the sessions, the amount of the course and the hours to be performed
  • Create classifications of the courses according to the type and the specialty
  • Generate different discounts for enrolments
  • Assign teachers and their cost
  • Register and select students with all their data
  • Keep track of course, enrolment and fees payments
  • Automatically invoice all amounts for each of the students
  • Send the course certificate to the students
  • View each student's course history
  • Filter by labels, course type, specialty, season, year or specific dates


  • Create the spaces where the activities will be carried out (rehearsal rooms, exhibition rooms, classrooms, external places, etc.)
  • View the work processes (phases) of the activities (rehearsals, montages, press conferences, exhibitions, etc.) in the calendar
  • Different calendar views: programming format, weekly, monthly, spaces and agenda format
  • Filter calendars by activity type, labels, spaces, and specific activities

Integration with sales systems

  • Integrate the sales systems of your shows and activities on the wip and download tickets and reservations in real time
  • Use the wip's own ticketing system for those cases where you need it
  • If you do not sell your tickets directly, fill in the box office details sent to you by the theatre

Real-time sales

  • Have all your shows and activities in one place to track by season, year or specific dates
  • Easily view purchases of the day and also by year, season or between specific dates
  • Keep track of the advance sale and bookings of all your shows by seeing the daily variation

Manage your tickets

  • Make the box office liquidation of your shows
  • Automate the weekly dispatch of the programming and spectators data and the collection of your shows.
  • Control the costs of the ticketing system and the different channels
  • Automate revenue from entries by operating date to administration
  • Make any type of report or statistics related to ticket sales

Ticket management and box office

Automate all the processes related to the tickets of your shows, either integrating them with your entity's sales system or manually entering sales on the wip.

Personnel management

Record the schedules of your workers, assign them to your activities and comply with the law of registration.

Management of workers

  • Generate the file of your staff and assistance
  • Create their work calendar
  • Control the different types of contracts and their maturities
  • Centralize your staff's information in one place

Time log

  • Assign staff to activities with tasks and schedules they need to do
  • Easily record hours worked
  • Remove attendance report for signing for time registration law

Labour management

  • Control staff registrations and terminations of affiliation and send them to the manager
  • Calculate the amounts of remuneration according to the hours worked
  • Send the manager the information for payroll
  • Upload payrolls to wip and email them to staff


  • Create your own database by unifying all contacts
  • Segment and organize contacts in groups and assign labels to them
  • You can find out what activities all your contacts have participated in with a single click
  • Communicate easily by sending emails from your contact listings
  • Management of contacts of schools, students, companies and theatres


  • Get all buyer data by integrating your sales system with wip29
  • Analyze and create reports from your audience based on the relevant data they have provided you with
  • Extract excels to know the contacts that want to receive your newsletter

Suppliers and customers

  • Centralize the data of all suppliers and customers in order to communicate quickly
  • Control the transactions you've made with all your suppliers and customers
  • Make suppliers and customers related to contacts on your agenda

Integration with Mailchimp

  • Link contacts with mailchimp to send them newsletters according to the segmentations.
  • If you do not use Mailchimp, export an excel with your contacts and import it into your shipping and marketing system

Contact management

Manage all your contacts and relate them to your activities. You can always have the information of any contact and communicate easily with them.

Administrative management

Organize the management of your entity and control the expenses and income according to the different types of activities or budgets you generate. Make your invoices via wip and export the data to any accounting program.

Accounting and billing

  • Controls the general budget of the entity, the structure budget and those of the activities
  • Easily enter all types of economic documents without prior accounting knowledge
  • Duplicate the following invoices and payrolls so you don't have to enter them every time
  • Issue your invoices with your logo from the wip and send them to customers
  • Automate the income of tickets sold, tour bills and course registrations
  • Export all the data to your accounting or send it to your adviser


  • Control everything you owe suppliers and what customers owe you by due dates
  • Sort payments from wip, export sepa file and pay from bank
  • Direct debit your collections from the wip

Budgets / Analytical

  • Create your analytical concepts to analyze how you want the activities
  • Budget activities one by one or group them
  • Budget structure expenses and general expenses
  • Make a tailor-made general budget for the entity; for years, seasons, specific periods or all at the same time
  • Carry out analytical monitoring of budgets and activities as you are counting the economic documentation
  • Analyze deviations

Subsidies Management

  • Create and control subsidies
  • Link the concepts of the subsidy form with your analytical concepts and make the subsidy mounted with a single click
  • Go through the wip audit to see if the expenses are in addition to a subsidy
  • Easily modify and delete records within the grant
  • Export the supporting accounts according to the forms of the administrations

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